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A spiritual given

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    For over 3,000 years in India, Nepal and traditional Tibet there has existed a spiritual given. It is that over time as a person, regardless of age, gender, education and marital status turns towards God, in earnest, the pleasures of the senses naturally fall away, including sex. (See: Renunciation of sex, Matt 19:11-12).

    In the East, many great holy men and women entered spiritual life as young children or as teenagers. Entering spiritual life in the East, at any age, for most, has been voluntary and the study of Truth self-directed; aspirants are highly respectful of the guidance of a Christ-Aware Master.

    A revered Master in the countries mentioned is Jesus the Christ. His teachings and “miracles” are readily accepted as “the Way” of Truth and are spiritually significant to living Holy Masters. (80 WORD LIMIT)

    An Indian Holy Master, a lifelong celibate, smiling compassionately, mentioned in a talk. Recap: “The worldly person believes the Peace of a Prophet of God is “like the peace of the grave.” But, that Peace is an everlasting emanation of Divine Joy and Bliss, compared to the short-lived sense gratifications of physical life.”

    In the West, the scriptural ideal of Chastity has been tainted for centuries by religious leaders who failed to understand that True Spiritual Self-mastery is not sexual repression. The one who discerns this has no fear of Spiritual Practice.

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