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Awareness Transformed

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Announcements Forums Reality — September 26th, 2021 Awareness Transformed

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    This post presents as my understanding of Reality in this moment in the context of scripture and divine Science.

    To me: Reality is the awareness of Life as it actually is, as opposed to universal mortal-mind and its suppositional beliefs of life.

    For this reason relying upon mortal mind’s leadership blocks discernment of Eternal Life, Reality.

    As long as I am judging by appearances, as long as I am seeing evil and good in terms of human betterment, I am not letting ‘Spirit bear witness with [my] spirit’ (Rom:8-16).

    It becomes necessary in CS to understand spiritual Reality, which depends upon understanding Spirit as ALL-in-all and everywhere present… everywhere present as Eternal Life and Illimitable Love.

    As I grow in awareness of mortal existence as an illusion, I discern by degrees that mortal-mind’s beliefs projected onto Reality are not real.

    MBE succinctly states, ‘To material sense, the unreal is real until this sense is corrected by CS’ (SH:297).

    Jesus of Nazareth declares, ‘My Kingdom is not of this world’ (John:18-36).

    If Spirit were in ‘this world’ there would never be sin, disease, death, lack, flood, fire and tornado to experience even in thought and belief.

    I percolate what that means!

    God is Light. It is only as I rise in understanding above the level of human thought and belief that I approach the consciousness in which ‘there is no night’ – no evil, discord, suffering, death, no error of any nature.

    Every real spiritual healing that takes place in my life is evidence, if evidence were needed, that there is a Reality in which Spirit as harmony, love, abundance, peace, wholeness and joy is the natural state of being.

    Jesus warns that anyone who is overly involved in the temporary manifestation of mortal life will lose sight of the Eternal Life underpinning it (Luke:17-32,33).

    Importantly, Jesus as Christ promises that whosoever is prepared to sacrifice everything in ‘this world’ of a temporary nature in order to gain awareness of Spirit will find human life transformed into Eternal Life, which is the Reality.

    In conclusion: Discerning the unreal and illusory nature of the discords of this world, together with actually experiencing God as All-in-all, is transforming my awareness of Reality.

    Thank you PCS. Thank YOU! I am seeking a change of awareness that you are helping me with by your extraordinarily demanding yet sweet-satisfying weekly lessons.

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