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Truth v. ignorance & sin

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    This lesson ‘Everlasting Punishment’ certainly has me standing to attention as the subject matter deals with the fundamentals of the science of being. My study as an unfolding enquiry presents as this post.

    To live in ignorance of God as the Principle of Life is to lose sight of My real nature.

    The way or footsteps to follow to overcome this ignorance requires I overcome the beliefs of mortal mind until the sense of mortality is swallowed up by the Truth of Eternal Life.

    This overcoming relies upon My ability to usurp mortal mind using flood-tides of Christly-love (SH:202).

    To understand Christ-consciousness as Christly-love demands I study the precepts of Christ Science, dismiss mortal belief by way of practice, and live as a Christ-woman according to scriptural Truth.

    I discover, few there be in the world today who comprehend and adhere to the Christ precepts* for living and healing.

    Why? Because these precepts require of men and women that they set aside even their most cherished desires, beliefs, opinions and practices, and leave all for Christ-awareness (SH:130,141; Matt. 4:20).

    That said, acceptance of a ‘me’ separate and apart from God is the primal sin which draws to itself suffering, disease and death.

    Acceptance, in belief, of a limited, sinning, sick, aging, slowly-dying self IS everlasting punishment.

    The only thing the Christ precepts declare is necessary, is the overcoming of the belief of a mortal mind.

    Positively, Jesus of Nazareth asks us to bring forth, only God’s qualities until there is no suffering and punishment necessary.

    Could I ignore God as All-in-all either wilfully or out of sheer ignorance? To do so is to sin (SH:196)

    Jesus condemned sin as ignorance or blindness in those who could not, or would not, see. To those who could see, He attuned their hypnotised-prone mind to Christ-understanding via divine Love and Compassion.

    Overall, I learn that there can be no satisfaction in the belief of sin, disease and death once it is understood that there is no scientific reason to BELIEVE in mortal existence, especially since it has been revealed by scripture, and reinforced by MBE, that ‘ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free’ of any sense of material birth, age and decay.

    Eternal life, Christly-love, harmony, joy, peace and abundance – all these are included in the understanding of Truth.

    Thank you DM for your guidance to this lesson, and, of course, thank you to the PCS team for giving me access to it without price.

    * (The Two Commandments, Sermon on the Mount)


    Thank you for sharing your thoughts here! I remember long ago a CS friend said that when the subject was “Everlasting Punishment” there were fewer people in church. Well they could have read your post, and then have run to church on Sunday!

    Your comment, “Acceptance, in belief, of a limited, sinning, sick, aging, slowly-dying self IS everlasting punishment.” illustrates the wonderful purpose of this lesson subject! Nobody wants ‘everlasting punishment’. Christ Jesus the Wayshower and Mrs. Eddy and her divine revelation show us the way out of that mess. After all, God is in the blessing business! All we have to do is listen to and stay within, stay connected to, the Divine Mind. Put God first. Focus on Him. “Leave all for Christ awareness” as you beautifully state here.

    Thank you again for your thoughtful post.

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