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The Doctrine of At-one-ment

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Announcements Forums Doctrine of Atonement — October 17th, 2021 The Doctrine of At-one-ment

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    I discover the word ‘atonement’ in Hebrew-cum-Latin is ‘expiato’ meaning to make amends, to purge, to sacrifice (Lev 16).

    As well, I discover, in 16th century Britain, a new word emerges, namely, ‘atonement’, which implies ‘at-one-ment’, ‘in harmony’, ‘in accord’, ‘to agree’.

    Today, atonement interprets as reconciliation, not appeasement.

    Jesus of Galilee in His astonishing and seeming radical demonstrations exemplifies at-one-ment. For three years, Jesus demonstrates His Oneness with God.

    ‘I and my Father are one’ is Jesus’ outstanding message of at-one-ment (John 10:30-33).

    The new covenant, given to the world by Jesus, as the Christ-man, is all about Love, Compassion, Humility, Meekness (not weakness) and Forgiveness.

    Jesus never merely reacts, but supremely and freely acts out of divine Love… a love incomprehensible to human sense.

    That said, the Doctrine of At-one-ment interprets as the Sermon on the Mount to me.

    The Sermon speaks of the way to ‘resist not’ both evil and sin through understanding there is an Infinite Reality within. And, besides this Infinite Reality, there is only a dream of an existence, a dream of an existence masquerading as sin, sickness, and death.

    From this dream we all can awaken via the precepts of atonement set out by Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount.

    ‘Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth’. The truly meek know of God’s Reality through at-one-ment with it.

    As witnesses thereof, they experience God’s unlimited storehouse of supply pouring forth as wisdom, forgiveness, love, joy and harmony.

    As disciples witness God’s spiritual supply, they naturally demonstrate the divine attributes of gratitude, meekness and purity, and do hunger and thirst after right-use-ness, whilst acting as peacemakers, healing the sick.

    They stand out as Lights since they know they have inherited the earth, thus have dominion over so-called ‘sin’ and ‘devil’ to their degree of understanding (John 8:40-58; SH 1875,149-152).

    Ultimately, all disciples, as Christ Science men and women, understand they are not subject to material or physical conditions and laws because these have no power in ‘My Kingdom’.

    Working with ‘Science and Health’ and the Four Gospels, it becomes apparent that as our spiritual nature unfolds, our human ways and conditions improve. It becomes apparent that human goodness is not Spiritual Good; moreover, that God does not co-exist with evil.

    I give thanks to Spirit! Behold it presents as PCS, and as this lesson, and thus is guiding me out of the clouds of ignorance.

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