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The Vision of Reality

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Announcements Forums Reality — September 25th, 2022 The Vision of Reality

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    Reality? It is a question of Consciousness and Awareness.

    What are ordinary people conscious of? Personal sense! The sense of “i” and “mine,” the body, the five senses, personalities, birth-decay-death, time, and the various good and evil conditions in the world. (MBE)

    Personalities as separate identities, endlessly claim, “I am this, I am that, I have this, I have that, this is wrong, this is right, and so on. They JUDGE by “appearances.” Personalities “SEE” “out there” and “FEEL” emotions.

    “Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap” is the epic story of personality unconscious and unaware of Spirit.

    When “i” is understood as mesmeric suggestion, as erroneous belief, as Error, it withers and dies, and along with it sowing and reaping.(MBE) (80 WORD LIMIT)

    “Blessed are the PURE of Heart, for they shall SEE God” as Spirit, not as personality. They shall SEE Spirit’s Infinite Creative Capacity as I AM THAT, here, now (SH 468).

    When the erroneous belief of “i” disappears, the Reality of Spirit again reveals ITSELF to the ripe Soul. “Science and Health” emphasises this over and over again.*

    (*eg. SH 1875, p.131 last sentence “Whosoever” to “…immortal harmony,” p.132.)

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