Daily Watch for the week of May 21st – May 28th, 2017 | Member Section

Daily Watch for the week of May 21st – May 28th, 2017

From 500 Watching Points by Gilbert Carpenter

131 — WATCH lest you pray to infinite Love and wisdom to remove from your path those experiences which you need in order to increase your understanding and growth. A child may beg its father to let it leave school and have a holiday, or even to get a job. But the father knows that the child needs the discipline and the education.

Whatever we need to teach us to hold our scientific thought against false testimony and mental suggestion, God will provide. Never pray to have removed from your experience that which has come to help you, for the moment you learn the lessons such experiences have come to teach, they will disappear.


To The Watchers

from Watches, Prayers, and Arguments, as given by Mary Baker Eddy, page 49

“Hear, O Israel, for the Lord, our God, is one God.”
You are not to come in your own name to pray.
You are not to control any mind.
You are to come only in the divine strength, and know that God will rule and does, and that hypnotism and evil minds cannot, and do not, control men or governments.
All power is God, good.
This is my only formula to Christian Scientists for prayer, and God will give you faith that will remove mountains.


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