Store Questions

How do I place an order?

First, click here to login. The Store uses the same login you would use to post on the Forum or Bulletin Board.

Logging in right away will make sure your information is added to the shopping cart, which will come in handy later. If you haven’t added your billing and shipping information to your account already, you will be prompted to add it at a later step.

Now, click here to go to the store page.

Scroll down to find the selection you would like to purchase. Click that item, and then you are brought to the appropriate page.

For most items, you will see various options, depending on whether you are in the United States or ordering internationally. Please select the appropriate item to “add to cart.” This will bring you to the cart, which will show your current shopping list and prices.

On the cart page, you can do one of the following:

  • Change the quantity of items to order. When you do this, click the button that says “Update Cart.”
  • Click the red “X” at the beginning of each row to delete the item if you decided you don’t want to purchase it at this time.
  • Go back to the Store by clicking the button that says “Continue Shopping.”
  • Finalize the order by clicking “Proceed to Checkout.” Once on that page you can make sure your billing information is correct, add “Order Notes” for our Clerk, and then click “Place Order” to move to the screen that asks for your billing information and whether you are paying with PayPal or check. Add the appropriate information and click “Proceed to PayPal” or “Place Order” if paying by check.

Why are the only two options for payment PayPal and check?

PayPal offers an easy and secure way to process credit card payments. It is not necessary that you have a PayPal account to use their service.

We also offer the ability to pay by check, because we know there are some who feel more comfortable with that option.

We do not take or store your credit card information at this church.

Why is the international pricing so much more expensive?

Shipping prices have been steadily rising for the past decade, and this increase is merely to cover the cost of shipping — there is no “handling” fee.

Have more questions?

Contact for questions about the website.

Contact for questions about ordering or pricing.

Thank you!

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