The 2024 Calendar

We are happy to announce that we are again publishing our inspiring, page-a-day calendar, for the year 2024. The calendar consists of 365 healing statements from the Bible, Mary Baker Eddy, some other powerful Christian Science workers, such as Bicknell Young, Peter V. Ross, Rev. G. A. Kratzer, and Edward A. Kimball and other trusted sources. This calendar makes a great gift for anyone who can use the truth and it reaches the heart with a wonderful statement for each day of the year.

“I am so grateful for the quotes on the calendar that this church publishes. This year I sent three calendars to family members. They all said how much they were enjoying them. I recently received an email from my niece. She said the following: ‘My most favorite part of the day is when I go downstairs in the morning and look at my calendar and read my thought for the day. Most of them I really like and think about throughout the day. Some I LOVE and are totally fitting to the day. The one on my anniversary was on love — how did they know? I have a handful of papers I tore off and hung on my bulletin board because I didn’t want to get rid of them, and I enjoy reading them every time I walk by.’” — Janet from GA

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