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A mystery

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    7. I Corinthians 15
    51 Behold, I shew you a mystery; We shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed,

    6. 296
    Progress is born of experience. It is the ripening of mortal man, through which the mortal is dropped for the immortal. Either here or hereafter, suffering or Science must destroy all illusions regarding life and mind, and regenerate material sense and self.

    What a blessing to have that old theology that I was raised in be put to rest by the logic of Christian Science. No more cognitive dissonance brought on by simultaneously believing that Jesus died to take away our sins, and also that I am perpetually a sinner – that left me caught between a feeling of “I can do what I want” and “there is nothing I can do.” Not exactly a recipe for a useful life.

    To instead be learning these many important things, such as: I can put off that old man, without dying out of it; I can and must work out my own salvation, and it is both possible and clearly marked by Christ Jesus’ teachings and Mrs. Eddy’s revelation; Suffering is not strictly a requirement! Science can guide me through, if I listen and obey.

    The “mystery” of this becomes, at each passing stage, “How did I miss these truths on my own?!” I suppose I needed the experience, so I could make this progress. I am constantly astounded how logical, practical, and comforting Christian Science is, and grateful that this church is working so tirelessly to bring it to the world. Thank you!


    So beautifully stated, Jeremy, thank you!

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