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A new heaven and a new earth.

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Announcements Forums Christian Science — June 28th, 2020 A new heaven and a new earth.

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    Thank you so much for your website and all of the inspiration you broadcast here and on You Tube. Am pretty much starting over in my understanding. So grateful for all that you offer.

    I found an archived article that really spoke to me, called “Edward A. Kimball, the Paul of Christian Science.” Part of it reads:

    “Essentially, Mr. Kimball declared that what we see as material things is a wrong way of interpreting what is actually before us. Correctly seen, the “material” thing (i.e., organ of the body) is a spiritual idea. The “Red Dragon” crowd accused Mr. Kimball of corrupting Mrs. Eddy’s teaching, insisting that the so-called material organ is nothing, and represents nothing.

    This explains why, very often, Christian Scientists are the most confused people on earth. “The material universe is nothing and represents nothing, while Spirit is everything, but we seemingly have to live in the material.” This has led, in practice, to a dualism that is fatal to the practice of Christian Science, and we have the Red Dragon, or unhandled animal magnetism, to thank for it.”

    In the lesson this week we are given John’s accounting of his experiencing the new heaven and the new earth, which to me corresponds with this idea.

    For years I have struggled with trying to improve matter or, realize as a “mortal’, that we are actually Spirit and applying this to matter is futile. Somehow a light turned on in realizing that yes, God, spirit is actually All and everywhere NOW and that there never was a mortal, material universe. If we are seeing otherwise, we are using the wrong lens. The kingdom of heaven is at hand. It is only that we need to realize this, not try to change matter into spirit.

    Thanks for all that you offer here!


    What you realized about having the correct view of man is something that escapes many, thus does not help us work from the correct premise.
    I am sure many have started working from the premise of “imperfect, material me with such and such illness,”now let me voice some Truths to change what I am seeing. Thanks for sharing your insight to help others.

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