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A Tried & True Means of Preserving God-Consciousness

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    In essence, God preserves man only to the extent man preserves the promises of God, keeping them living and fresh in consciousness, firmly in mind. Hence Mrs. Eddy wrote, “Be firm in your understanding that the divine Mind governs” (Science and Health, page 393).

    One of the most convenient, available, and practical means of preserving God-consciousness in firmness of understanding is discussed in Ralph W. Coffin’s article, “Our Hymnal” (CS Sentinel, December, 1922). Here’s an excerpt:

    “The small edition of The Christian Science Hymnal for soldiers was a great blessing to the writer; and in many instances the truth written therein saved the day against error. Upon embarking for foreign service, while the submarine warfare was supposed to be at its worst, the hymn which begins, ‘In heav’nly love abiding,’ on page 168 of the Hymnal, drove out all fear; and many nights the student of Christian Science would go out on deck alone, and sing this song over and over, until peace, confidence, and perfect assurance of God’s ever-presence were gained.

    “Another time, when the danger of crossing the English Channel was voiced, almost immediately the words, ‘Make channels for the streams of love’ (p. 89), echoed through his consciousness. This song brought a vision of the only real channels, that they are eternally filled with love, and that no danger could possibly lurk therein.

    “Many times the writer was confronted with problems of such seemingly large proportions that even a start to get at the trouble by mental means seemed well-nigh impossible. Then sometimes the Hymnal was taken, and hymn after hymn was sung until light began to dawn in consciousness, leaving the student able to cope with the errors by the mental affirmation and denial which Christian Science teaches.”


    Thank you for this post. There is something so utterly uplifting about hymns that I feel they are heaven sent and one of the greatest gifts. There is a God-blessed reason that churches have magnificent organs and as Christian Scientists we are blessed with an especially wonderful hymnal.

    Some of the most memorable testimonies I have recalled involved singing hymns at a piano into the night, or just simply singing hymns, one after the other. The uplifting effect inevitably brought healing, and it’s that state of joy that hymns lift us into that brings about the needed release from whatever earth-weight was the problem. I sometimes sing through Mrs. Eddy’s hymns, and it is always transformative.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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