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"all things in the systems of Mind"

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Announcements Forums Soul — August 16th, 2020 "all things in the systems of Mind"

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    “Science reveals Soul as God, untouched by sin and death, — as the central Life and intelligence around which circle harmoniously all things in the systems of Mind.” (S&H 310:14)

    I love working with the following “Argument” of Mrs. Eddy’s in Watches, Prayers, Arguments, p.90:
    “The law of divine Life, Truth and Love is a law of instant and complete expulsion and elimination of all poisons and impurities from the system. Why? Because the floodtides of divine Life, Truth, and Love are pouring and surging through consciousness, uplifting, purifying, nourishing, healing, elevating, sustaining and energizing mankind.”

    This is the law for any and every system, whether it be bodily, economic, political, household, religious, or educational. All things are harmonious when governed by the one “Soul-ar” system.


    “Thy Will Be Done”

    Around A.D. 70, the church at Corinth was once again in disharmony as in previous days when Paul composed his two epistles to restore them. Now it was Clement’s turn, one of the earliest church fathers, to write. His first letter contains a magnificent exhortation urging the congregation to reflect the harmony omnipresent in God’s creation. This excerpt is a relevant “treatment” for any discordant condition on earth today, especially any group or nation in conflict with itself:

    Let us consider and behold with the eyes of our understanding his long-suffering will; and think how gentle and patient he is towards his whole creation.

    The heavens moving by his appointment, are subject to him in peace.

    Day and night accomplish the courses that he has allotted unto them, not disturbing one another.

    The sun and moon, and all the several companies and constellations of the stars, run the courses that he has appointed to them in concord, without departing in the least from them.

    The fruitful earth yields its food plentifully in due season both to man and beast, and to all animals that are upon it, according to his will; not disputing, nor altering any thing of what was ordered by him.

    So also the unfathomable and unsearchable floods of the deep, are kept in by his command;

    And the conflux of the vast sea, being brought together by his order into its several collections, passes not the bounds that he has set to it;

    But as he appointed it, so it remains. For he said, Hitherto shalt thou come, and thy floods shall be broken within thee.

    The ocean, unpassable to mankind, and the worlds that are beyond it, are governed by the same commands of their great master.

    Spring and summer, autumn and winter, give place peaceably to each other.

    The several quarters of the winds fulfil their work in their seasons, without offending one another.

    The ever-flowing fountains, made both for pleasure and health, never fail to reach out their breasts to support the life of men.

    Even the smallest creatures live together in peace and concord with each other.

    All these has the Great Creator and Lord of all, commanded to observe peace and concord; being good to all.

    But especially to us who flee to his mercy through our Lord Jesus Christ; to whom be glory and majesty for ever and ever. Amen.

    [T]he truth of Christian Science [is,] namely, that man’s harmony is no more to be invaded than the rhythm of the universe” (Retrospection and Introspection, Mary Baker Eddy, p. 61).


    So beautiful! Thank you.

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