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An interpretation of the story of Abigail

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Announcements Forums God the Preserver of Man – June 12th, 2016 An interpretation of the story of Abigail

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    Because of the Bible Studies, I often read the stories in the lessons first as a historical account, and then again as though it is all happening within my consciousness. That started after being asked in the discussions, “How can we apply this to our life now?”

    In reading about Nabal and Abigail in I Samuel 25, the following came to me:

    An opportunity to show kindness and compassion comes — an opportunity that will take nothing at all from me — yet the voice of mortal mind (Nabal) says “no”, and not just “no” but is a jerk about it. Immediately, spiritual sense (divine Mind) makes God’s idea (consciousness) aware of the need to act quickly to rectify this. Embracing our true nature (Abigail) of wisdom, humility, generosity, honesty, and love for God, the situation is made right, and this use of Science averts any need of future suffering to get the point. Finally, having done right by divine Mind, the voice of mortal mind (Nabal) is shut up.

    I know before coming to Plainfield, I failed this test many times and suffered much for it. I am so grateful that God brought me here to learn Christian Science, so I can begin to put the suffering and the missed opportunities behind. No one wants to be remembered as a Nabal!

    Thank you for this lesson!


    “Embracing our true nature (Abigail) of wisdom, humility, generosity, honesty, and love for God…..” I love the thought that our true nature NEVER changes because it is God’s nature. We are the manifestation of this nature preserved by Him.

    As a reminder the definition of Preserve: To save from decay; to keep in a sound state; as, to preserve fruit in winter. Salt is used to preserve meat. …to keep in order to prevent decay of original qualities.

    I should remember this and when the lies of mortal mind says I am imperfect in any way (physically or otherwise) resist the lies from that basis. Nothing discordant ever happened to God’s nature nor to my true being.


    Thank you both for all this wonderful food for thought.


    This story reminded me of what Mrs. Evans used to say so often: “Be so instant in Truth, that error is always too late!” Abigail didn’t waste any time to tap into her spiritual sense of things and do the right thing, getting herself completely out of the way. The light of God shone right through her!


    In trusting her spiritual sense, Abigail had no concern about what her family (husband) may think of her actions as she was only following what she knew God was directing her to do. “And God made man free.” S&H 227:16 How great!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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