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"And Such Were Some of You"

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    “Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators . . . nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind . . . . And such were some of you.” (1 Corinthians 6:9,11)

    SELFISHNESS is sin.
    Sensuality is disease and sickness.
    Sexuality is death.

    Selfishness is the father of the lie.
    Sensuality is the mother of the lie.
    Sexuality is the child of the lie.

    Selfishness is the predisposing cause.
    Sensuality is the remote cause.
    Sexuality is the exciting cause.

    Selfishness is the old theology.
    Sensuality is the materia medica.
    Sexuality is the old natural science (so-called).

    Selfishness is the old mortal sight.
    Sensuality is the old mortal hearing.
    Sexuality is the old mortal feeling (touch).

    OVERCOME selfishness and you bring out unity.
    OVERCOME sensuality and you bring out purity.
    OVERCOME sexuality and you bring out the God idea.

    These are the laws of sickness, sin and death, which war against the spiritual laws of Life, Truth and Love.

    “Science lays the axe at the root of the tree.”
    You must go back to overcome the root, cause.
    Selfishness is the cause of sensuality. — Mary Baker Eddy, Divinity Course and General Collectanea, Further Recorded Statements, pages 210-211.

    “Christian Science does not need to thunder, ‘Thou shalt not be a drunkard!’ Rather will its gentle voice whisper to thought, ‘Man has no real satisfaction in false appetites: therefore your real selfhood is not craving drink, or tobacco, or so-called sensual pleasure. Your real selfhood, the image of the divine, is free, satisfied, harmonious now!'” — from “Christian Science – The Saving Law of Love” by John Randall Dunn



    Carol also found a couple of very helpful quotes to pray about when handling the belief of evil as aforementioned.
    “The forces of evil carry within themselves the seeds of their own destruction. Thy have no intelligence. They border on lunacy. We should say and know these things, consistently and expectantly. The truth thereby released will not return void. It is the word of God which accomplishes that whereunto it is sent.”
    “Lectures and Articles on C.S. by Peter V. Ross page 22
    “What is the ‘real name’ of what you have been calling evil? Obviously, the real name is God, since there is no other realness. The real name of death is Life. The real name of a mistake is Truth. Death could not be destroyed except by calling it by its real name, neither could the dragon be destroyed except by ceasing to misunderstand it and by seeing it instead for what it really is.”
    Eustace page 448
    Darkness (the belief in evil) is only and always the absence of Light.
    “Divine Science, the Word of God, saith to the darkness upon the face of error, ‘God is All-in-all,’ and the light of ever-present Love illumines the universe. Hence the eternal wonder, – that infinite space is peopled with God’s ideas, reflecting Him in countless spiritual forms.” (S&H page 503)



    Thank you so much for both posts!

    Eustace page 448:Darkness (the belief in evil) is only and always the absence of Light.

    This video tells us Einstein’s take on evil, which is exactly what Eustace states and clearly what separates Mary Baker Eddy’s revelation of the source of mankind’s SALVATION from all ILLS.

    To the question are Sin, Disease and Death Real, is the resounding answer NO! They cannot be that BECAUSE GOD IS ALL. That is our starting point in Christian Science. And that is why for every form of evil that appears we are to pause and humbly ask the ALL KNOWING. He does and will gently, even if at times slowly shine His light which will lead us back to the total reversal of every sin, as well as the frightening scenes, feelings, or hearings to prove He never created ANYTHING to disturb His offspring!! HENCE EVIL DOES NOT EXIST.

    THIS TO ME IS THE TRIUMPHANT TRUTH that separates Christian Science and makes it what truly saves and can heal ALL our woes. Let’s pray for more light to see Mrs. Eddy correctly, in her true light, so we can heed her message and bless ourselves and all others we are led to help.

    GOD IS ALL;there is no evil. Blue Book pg. 282



    Wonderful! Thank you all!

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