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Are There Miracles?

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Announcements Forums Love – January 31st, 2016 Are There Miracles?

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    “Now, as then, these mighty works are not supernatural, but supremely natural.” S&H xi:14 Jesus worked from Mind, God, not matter; thus, all things were, are, and always will be possible. Truth, perfection, is revealed with the removal of sin and disease from the human consciousness. “A miracle fulfils God’s law, but does not violate that law.” S&H 134:31


    I think that “miracles” need to be seen as the rule, not the exception, otherwise we belittle God’s work. To me, every moment of every day is filled with beautiful, unfathomable good, wondrous things we can’t explain except to know God and His beautiful creation, to stand in awe of Him. To think that a “miracle” is something that only happens once in a blue moon that has to be confirmed and re-confirmed by a church establishment in order to be real, makes a mockery out of everything.

    Thus if we believe in the healing power of Love, and that with God all things are possible, then so-called miracles are the most natural thing in the world, fulfilling God’s law–law that in reality, is in a constant state of fulfillment.


    How true! And this ability to see the miracle in everything that God has created makes us as a little child. Little children always express such joy and delight and an awesome wonder toward God’s magnificent creation. This is why we must become as a little child in order to enter the Kingdom! Good thing to remember.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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Love is the liberator.