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Article: Excellent treatment regarding vaccination

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    Thank you, thank you for hosting the marvelous article on your website entitled,
    “Excellent treatment regarding vaccination” Author unknown, submitted by David Keyston
    which sounds an alert to “Christian Scientists rushing out to get vaccinated, saying, this is the loving response to our neighbors’ fears.
    This is nothing short of aggressive mental manipulation trying to pull Christian Scientists into supporting medicine in the name of “human love, sympathy and fear.” We must wake up and wake up our fellow workers.”
    – with appreciation!
    Patricia (from Canada)


    Thank you so much for bringing this article to my attention! I had not noticed it, and it has answered many of my questions on this subject.

    Also the article “Addressing Vaccinations” by Florence Roberts, in the March 2021 “Love is the Liberator” magazine.

    The lesson for 6/27/21 has also been so helpful, and I am thankful Mary Baker Eddy’s guidance all throughout her works, including:

    Science and Health page 129: 21-22

    ‘We must abandon pharmaceutics, and take up ontology,- “the science of real being.” ‘

    Science and Health page 142: 28-30

    ‘God being All-in-all, He made medicine; but that medicine was Mind.’

    Also Science and Health page 167:30

    ‘Only through radical reliance on Truth can scientific power be realized.’

    I have found it helpful to turn off radio TV and internet, man made propaganda, to see that in this moment now is God’s Allness. Looking at nature flowers, trees, birds, the sky, moon and stars and wonder at the wonder of it, and how we wouldn’t look to the source of it all for our help.

    Thank you for all the Truth given here and for this worldwide church.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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Love is the liberator.