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at once change your course

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    In Science and Health it states “If you believe in and practice wrong knowingly, you can at once change your course and do right.” I can remember when this statement lighted up for me and what a refreshing and uplifting sense it gave. The first part says that if doing wrong, you actually do know it, which requires some serious self-examination with blunt honesty. But this is a healthy thing, releasing self-will and pride, and opens the connection with God. The other thing it says is the change is at once, no drawn out and contested readjustment, nor is there any selfish disappointment about having to change, but rather a joyful compliance with God’s directing. Mrs. Eddy said “There should be painless progress” (see Science and Health 224: 8 – 10). With God’s help, the way to doing right is open.


    The lesson is also very instructive on how to change our course. It is to be “born of the water and of the spirit.” One of the things that meant to me is to fully trust my spiritual sense, and to really work at shutting out the personal, human, material picture that is thrown in our faces by the media. Paul is such an inspiration in this regard. He turned on a dime, literally, and became one of the most powerful forces for good the world has ever seen. Mrs. Eddy writes a lot about Paul for that reason. In S&H, “Saul of Tarsus beheld the way – the Christ, or Truth – only when his uncertain sense of right yielded to a spiritual sense, which is always right.”

    This is a tremendous, empowering point, that our spiritual sense is always right! But how often does it get overclouded by the personal, material senses? Mrs. Eddy exhorts us, “If the disciple is advancing spiritually, he is striving to enter in. He constantly turns away from material sense, and looks towards the imperishable things of Spirit.” Being born of water and of the spirit requires work on our part, because the devil does not stop trying to distract us from following our spiritual sense. But, “the battle is the Lord’s,” and when we fight the good fight, “whatsoever is born of God overcometh the world.”

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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