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    This morning it became very clear to me that the Cause of all existence is tender, pure, sweet divine Love, Love, Love, Love, and nothing else is real. All is Good, and Good is All. There is but one cause, and it is Love.

    This realization will melt away the supposed reality of evil, obnoxious people, discords, disease, terrorists etc. Because the opposite must be true. And we see that. All is this wonderful ,infinite and omnipresent Love and its infinite manifestation.


    Very beautiful… I read this morning from Mrs. Eddy’s article “Cause and Effect” – “It (Christian Science) shows the impossibility of transmitting human ills, or evil, from one individual to another; that all true thoughts revolve in God’s orbits: they come from God and return to Him, – and untruths belong not to His creation, therefore these are null and void. It hath no peer, no competitor, for it dwelleth in Him besides whom ‘there is none other.'” I love to think of Christian Science as having no peer, no competitor and dwelling in God!


    This is indeed beautiful, and helpful, thank you. And dwelling in God, Love, the only Cause, is truly heaven on earth!


    Thank you for this wonderful post and all the replies .I am sitting with my little grandson thinking and praying with these truths.Read the other day that every truth expressed is the word of God. What a comfort!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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Love is the liberator.