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Cautionary Tale from 1919

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    “After an instantaneous healing of rupture…”

    By Hal T. Bevans

    (From CS Sentinel, October, 1919)

    After an instantaneous healing of rupture through the application of the truth as taught by our beloved Leader, I went on through a period of several years knowing Christian Science to be the truth but satisfied with the results I had gained and willing to leave the study to the other fellow [emphasis added]; in other words, my love for the world and its vices was greater than my desire for what I knew to be the truth.

    At this time I possessed “all the bad habits of a decent man,” as the saying goes; also some that a decent man is ashamed to admit publicly. After nearly three years of this life, at the very zenith of my indulgence in these things I was taken with a malady which brought me to a bed of pain and suffering. After trying a well-known remedy and having it produce a more aggravated condition, acting the reverse to its supposed intention, I gave up materia medica for all time and turned in my desperation to Christian Science, with the despairing hope that I was not too late. The “day of wrath” came upon me with a vengeance [emphasis added], for I was subjected to all manner of persecution and ridicule, and calamity followed calamity. I was even forced to present myself for examination before several physicians on different occasions, suffering their disdain and listening to their verdict, “You will never get well.” It can be imagined with what heartfelt gladness I can to-day write of a complete healing of this disease and many of its attendant vices. I also take pleasure in stating that, although circumstances have placed me in conditions where the temptation to sin “once more” have been very persistent, I have always been able to realize the protection of God’s omnipotent care, and have “come clean.” I am in a better condition physically, mentally, and morally than at any previous period of my life, due entirely to the influence of the truth as taught by our revered Leader, Mrs. Eddy.

    I would like to add that my testimony of the healing of rupture, which appeared in the Journal for December, 1913, still holds true in every respect. I wish to express the sincere thankfulness of every member of our little family of four for the Christian Science literature, as it comes with its message of cheer to us on this distant prairie.

    Hal T. Bevans, Flaxcombe, Saskatchewan, Canada.


    Thank you for this post, it is quite cautionary, indeed, but also most inspiring. It is so important as the author says, to “come clean”… to push on and listen to the voice of God always leading us on if we just stop to listen and then do something, as in obey. “I will hear what God the Lord will speak:” (Ps. 85:8)

    Flaxcombe is truly a tiny village on a very distant prairie–how wonderful that they had their C.S. literature delivered “with its message of cheer.”

    “The ‘still, small voice’ of scientific thought reaches over continent and ocean to the globe’s remotest bound. The inaudible voice of Truth is, to the human mind, ‘as when a lion roareth.’ It is heard in the desert and in dark places of fear. It arouses the ‘seven thunders’ of evil, and stirs their latent forces to utter the full diapason of secret tones. Then is the power of Truth demonstrated,—made manifest in the destruction of error.” (S&H, p. 559)

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