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Christmas Eve service

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    The Christmas Eve service was just lovely. The children singing was so sweet, the beautiful carole verse in French brought tears to my eyes, and along with all the other elements this was time well spent. Until yesterday, when I consulted the 88th Manual on the subject, I was skeptical of even the idea of a Christmas Eve service. Thank you!



    To follow up, I guess I’m not quite sure what parts of the Church Manual Plainfield church feels they must follow and which not. Naturally since Plainfield is not a branch none of it strictly applies. Plainfield does encourage following the daily duties from it. Considering the importance given the Manual by Mrs. Eddy I wondered what she might say about Christmas. I didn”t find anything forbiding even branch churches from having Christmas or Christmas eve services, just the no Easter observances etc. rule for Mother Church members in the United States.

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