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    Debra Glidden

    Bicknell Young’s article Day, includes the following;

    “Health means wholeness. One does not need to appear as anything else but whole. The original meaning of health is just that, just to be complete, nothing wanting, nothing lacking, and health we must have. It is divinely natural. Everyone may have it by claiming it. It can be had in Christian Science, because Christian Science reveals the law and science of life in Christ. It needs to be, and can be, demonstrated. You can demonstrate it. Try to do it, and help others to do it this day. This DAILY work will do much, that you cannot appreciate at once. Right understanding of Day lifts the burden of mortal belief, and serves to dissipate the current mesmerism of mortal mind, as well as protecting you from its claims.”

    This morning I am focusing on completeness!! First, I spent time knowing the completeness of Divine Mind and that I am this Mind. Then as I was completing tasks, if the task was not completed peacefully and easily, I knew that human thinking was involved instead of Divine direction. I calmly took a moment, stopped and said, Completeness!!! Each time, the tasks (and yes they were small tasks) were finished without a struggle. After each task, I waited to hear what is next. This also meant being calm and listening for the still small voice. What a joy to hear the still small voice. One thought at a time.

    I can only be God’s completeness when I am calm, listening and acting on what God tells me. I long for the day when I hear God and always do what He tells me. So many times I hear His voice and don’t act. When I hear God’s voice, it is not always clear the outcome(s) of the action He is telling me to take. Many, many times, there are more results to what He is telling me to do than the obvious outcome. One result leads to another. These are the times that most clearly demonstrate why I must act immediately. If I don’t, not only is the obvious result not obtained but what other results have I missed.

    I know that as I am diligent with each thought, my completeness of health will be, because it is “divinely natural” and the only reality that exists.

    So grateful for this learning, growth and progress!!!

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