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Cracking Our Own Egg

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    Mara Marks

    “A chicken cannot pray for the mother hen to come into the egg to help it to hatch. The mother tenderly watches over it while it performs it’s simple part, to peck open the thin shell. “ 500 watching points by G.Carpenter
    This quote from the daily watch for 3/13 reminds me of when my children and I incubated duck and chicken eggs. These fertilized eggs needed to be kept in the incubator at 99 degrees for 21 to 28 days to simulate a mother hen patiently sitting on her eggs.
    I personally would not describe the chicks’ journey as “ simple.”
    It’s a very exhausting process for them . They are born with an “egg tooth” which helps them crack the shell but it still can take up to 24 hours for them to open up the shell and hatch.They require this experience in order to grow stronger as they peck and if you were to intervene and assist in any way it would most likely result in injury or death of the chick.Some hatch quickly, others take breaks in between their pecking and some get too tired and give up.
    This is such a perfect analogy of our human journey to understand God and Christian Science. God provides us with our “ egg tooth” ( Jesus, MBE, our practitioners etc…). It is still a personal experience that we all need to do on our own. God is lovingly there for us like the mother hen, but we all need to peck out of our own shell independently.

    Murad A

    Such a beautiful illustration and just what I needed! Thank you!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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