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Creation Rests On A Spiritual Basis.

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Announcements Forums God The Only Cause And Creator – June 5th, 2016 Creation Rests On A Spiritual Basis.

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    SH 555 Creation rests on a spiritual basis.
    What a precise confirmation of what Gen. 1 teaches! So grateful for such firm reminders and all that happens in our experiences to alert us that there is a supreme power that we should rely on to feel safe and comforted no matter what the sense testimonies show.


    This is the fallacy of Darwin’s theory of evolution. It presupposes that each of us is a material body subject to birth, decay, and death, and then goes on to theorize how we got to where we are. It deals strictly with effect, not cause. It totally avoids all the important questions: How did we get here in the first place, and why are we here? And this theory is taught in our schools as if it were fact, when it is totally fiction. It’s no wonder so many of our children are confused. “Searching for the origin of man, who is the reflection of God, is like inquiring into the origin of God, the self-existent and eternal.” (S&H 555)

    This is why we have to take radical steps in our homes with our children to make it clear that not all they hear in school is true. They need to learn to “Try the spirits.” And their spiritual sense needs to be respected. After all, it’s only with our spiritual sense that we can appreciate creation on a spiritual basis.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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