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Crieth out for the living God.

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Announcements Forums Soul — February 16th, 2020 Crieth out for the living God.

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    Psalm 84 : 2 “My soul longeth, yea, even fainteth for the courts of the Lord: my heart and my flesh crieth out for the living God.”

    “my heart
    לִבִּ֥י (lib·bî)
    Strong’s Hebrew 3820: The heart, the feelings, the will, the intellect, centre

    and my flesh
    וּבְשָׂרִ֑י (ū·ḇə·śā·rî)
    Strong’s Hebrew 1320: Flesh, body, person,

    cry out
    יְ֝רַנְּנ֗וּ (yə·ran·nə·nū)
    Strong’s Hebrew 7442: To give a ringing cry

    אֶ֣ל (’el)
    Strong’s Hebrew 413: Near, with, among, to

    the living
    חָֽי׃ (ḥāy)
    Strong’s Hebrew 2416: Alive, raw, fresh, strong, life

    אֵֽל־ (’êl-)
    Strong’s Hebrew 410: Strength, mighty, the Almighty” Lexicon

    This week I used the selection below by Peter V. Ross before I had to meet with someone I felt intimidated by. It made me think about the above Bible quote from our lesson, “my flesh crieth out for the living God.” A statement from our Roundtable Sunday came to mind, “Make sure your home and body are a dwelling place for God. The temple of the Holy Ghost.” (1 Corinthians 6:19). I saw that thinking should be a, “dwelling place for God” and by filling it with truths silencing the negative lies I was making room for the “living God”. Doing this before the meeting brought peace and joy, knowing that all the qualities were within me given by God.

    “Say to yourself, ‘I am the temple of the living God; the Lord is in His holy temple, let this world of pain and trouble be still. I am eternal Life on exhibition. I am the place where all-knowing Mind is diffusing courage, wisdom, resourcefulness, keenness of vision, and soundness of judgment.'” How Can You Help Yourself by Peter V. Ross


    Thank you for your post, and the reference to Peter V. Ross’ article–very helpful!

    I love the title, “How Can You Help Yourself?”. Isn’t it all in how and what we are thinking? “…the Kingdom of God is within you”, Luke 17). Everything we need is already here, always at hand.

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