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Daily Prayer

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    While studying the handling of animal magnetism I came across this lovely article by William Kirkpatrick – https://articles.plainfieldcs.com/tag/william-kirkpatrick/

    The article explains how we must counteract any attempts of animal magnetism to institute its own ‘laws’ by: “reassuring ourselves with the law of Life which states: In adhering to a progressive spiritual idea I partake of God’s boundless blessings and love.”

    He then goes on to investigate what adhering to that law means when viewed by the seven synonyms that we have for God – Love, Life, Mind, Principle, Truth, Spirit and Soul.

    I was working through the Daily Prayer this morning, one of the Daily Duties set to us by Mrs Eddy, which includes the line ‘May the reign of divine Truth, Life and Love be established in me, and rule out of me all sin’.

    Referring to this article and the details of Truth, Life and Love as synonyms, helped me understand further what exactly the ‘reign of divine Truth, Life and Love’ might look like when established in me, when adhering to that progressive, spiritual idea, and how to work to attain this:

    ‘TRUTH: In adhering to a progressive spiritual idea, Truth loves me in a boundless measure; Truth loves me so much that it gives me health, wholeness, domin ion, Christ-likeness and divine consciousness, whereby I am ushered into my incorruptible inheritance. As a result of acting in accordance with my highest sense of Truth, of adhering to the standard of Truth and supporting those in the front line who carry the banner of Truth, Truth makes me worthy of future generations, strengthening in me the manhood of Christ, making me invulnerable to my enemies. I am constantly aware of this and feel its power. Therefore the world’s consciousness has no part in me.’

    ‘LIFE: In adhering to a progressive spiritual idea, Life loves me in a boundless measure; Life loves me so much that it prepares every step of the way for me, removing all obstacles, and thus leading me into Life’s abundance. As a result of taking up the cross and following the new light without heeding persecution, Life leads me into the infinite realm of being, uncluttered by mortal’s finite and rigid sense of existence, free to roam as a God-given individuality without the censure of narrow-mindedness and antiquated opinions. I rejoice in this and feel satisfied. Therefore inadequacy, narrow-mindedness, lack and decay cannot harm me.’

    ‘LOVE: In adhering to a progressive spiritual idea, Love loves me in a boundless measure; Love loves me bountifully, bestowing upon me infinite motherhood, protection and all-encompassing forgiveness, thus crowning my love for the spiritual idea with success. As a result of loving God more than persons, places and things, of loving God with all my heart and soul and mind, Love makes me a blessing to all and all become a blessing to me, whether they are friends or socalled enemies, present or future generations, in seen or unseen ways, by human or divine means, with acknowledgement or without, they can only be a universal blessing.’

    Such clear instructions! I look forward to continuing to work with this to improve my understanding.

    Thank you to Plainfield for making this article, and so many others, so freely, easily, available!


    Thank you Izzy! I’m now working and praying with ideas from your post. Greatly appreciated!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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