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Distrust of one's ability

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    12. 260 : 13-18
    Science reveals the possibility of achieving all good, and sets mortals at work to discover what God has already done; but distrust of one’s ability to gain the goodness desired and to bring out better and higher results, often hampers the trial of one’s wings and ensures failure at the outset.

    Abram and Sarai really distrusted their abilities to gain the good that God was telling them would happen, to the point that they needed to be renamed in order to move forward. That is a lot of distrust, and all due to human beliefs which, as I am learning here, have no basis in God’s reality. I find this very fascinating, especially knowing how much of my old existence needed to be shed before I was ready to come to Plainfield. I was pretty much left with only my name.

    Because of this, I can better see how important it was that Christ Jesus knew he was the fulfillment of prophecy and trusted in that. He understood and accepted his ability to do his God-given mission. This lack of second-guessing within himself allowed him to be the unencumbered instrument of God.

    What a crucial step this is, doing away with distrust. When my spiritual sense is alerting me to my next task – God is always giving all of us something to do! – I must run toward it, like David toward Goliath, trusting in God, and myself and my abilities as His reflection. Only Christian Science and what I have learned at this church could have brought me even this far along in discovering “what God has already done.” What a blessing it is to be here! Thank you!



    It would be more correct to say after they moved forward they were renamed. Getting a new name has nothing to do with their moving forward. It was the other way around. The change of name may have awakened them to grander possibilities but Abraham and Sarah had certainly been proving their loyalty and steadfast obedience to God for many years. Their new names had been earned.



    Thank you for this clarification!

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