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Easter — Resurrection

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    I want to thank you for your on-line bookstore stocked with so many inspirational resources. This morning I was guided to a book I purchased last year. The Blue Book, Notes on Mary Baker Eddy’s Course in Divinity. On page 27, I read the following note, written on March 31, 1907. Since this is Holy Week, I wanted to share it.

    “EASTER — RESURRECTION. We must be resurrected; must put off the old man and put on the new.

    If you dress for Easter, your clothes are all in keeping–are clean. You do not put on some clean ones and some soiled ones. Neither can you put on part of the new man and part of the old; you must put on the whole of the new man–the spiritual idea.

    If you put a new patch on an old garment, you still have the old garment. There is a time when you take off your old garments before you put on the new. Now if we patch up this body, try to make a better eye, a better limb, etc., we are not putting on the new.

    We want to say: eye, you cannot talk to me, I have put you off. Rise to the spiritual sense, then your body will respond; then take no thought what you eat, your clothes, etc., for your heavenly Father knoweth ye have need of these things. This is the resurrection. The resurrection is not to be resurrected from matter –dust. There never was any life in matter to be resurrected. The resurrection is seeing the real man that was never in matter; he never was sick to be made well. That is the way I did the healing. I never saw the material man before me, but the real man, perfect, and this healed instantaneously, and no relapse. This is the way Jesus healed, as in S&H, it reads, ‘Jesus beheld the perfect man,’ etc. This is the resurrection.”

    Happy Easter!




    This is such a Beautiful and Powerful Easter message!!

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