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Encourage yourself!

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    I have always loved this story – about David at Ziklag losing everything. Think about it – losing everything! He was greatly distressed and all the people wept “until they had no more power to weep”! And yet what did David do? Well, these are some things he did not do! He did not fall down into a little puddle of despair, he did not condemn himself, he did not blame God, he did not commiserate with others, he did not throw in the towel and consider himself a failure. What did David do?! He encouraged himself in the LORD his God!! What a wonderful response! And what an invaluable lesson for us all. When David turned to His God in great humility asking for His help and guidance, he was encouraged not to accept the verdict, but to pursue this error, destroy it and then “without fail recover all.”! Remember this lesson from the Bible in times of great despair – turn unreservedly to your Father, encourage yourself with His unfailing Love and power. Obedience to God makes it possible to recover all! As Mrs. Eddy states in Science and Health, “…nothing is lost, and all is won by a right estimate of what is real.” Thank God for this healing Truth!

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    Thank you for this powerful message!


    Yes, thank you for this wonderful post!
    David demonstrated that “The kingdom of God is within you.” Taking it home, I can ask myself: “Do I encourage (strengthen) myself in the Lord my God?” (I hope so!)
    I love hymn 134 that states “I look to Thee in every need and never look in vain”–based on a beautiful poem by Samuel Longfellow. It encourages me. In fact, once we develop spiritual muscles, it feels much more natural to turn to God in time of trouble, than to cede to the temptation to condemn, blame, commiserate or throw in the towel. As you say, pursue the error and destroy it!


    Thank all of you for this post and responses. I see how our merciful and loving God healed the distress of David with the truth, i.e.-“truth shall make you free..”- Holy Bible. In prayer David knew, he and his people were the blessed of God and not victims. “Truth is affirmative.” -S&H. Truth makes a positive impression. Truth improves every condition. Tough love, principled love, directed David in the what to do, and the how to gain the victory. The result was wonderful.


    “And David enquired at the LORD, saying, Shall I pursue after this troop? shall I overtake them?” (I Samuel 30:8) I love that at this point in his experience David knew to turn to God for direction first, in this case kind of asking is this the wisest course, will this bring about the best results? What a wonderful example of how to live one’s life. Thanks for the wonderful in depth posts about it.


    I was faced with a challenge this week, and this post helped me to turn to God and not accept the verdict. I didn’t fall down into a little puddle of despair, I did not condemn myself or throw in the towel. I held to God and felt peaceful I had done the right thing and God would take care of the rest. And He did. The situation was reversed.

    I am very grateful for this post.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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