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Everyone His Own Physician

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    SH 144 When the Science of being is universally understood, every man will be his own physician, and Truth will be the universal panacea.

    Truth as the universal panacea, means even now, the Truth I have made my own must be used immediately as error tries with its false beliefs! Mankind’s true liberty is already here, it has been here for over 100 years; the little we can do to help others know and understand it is very much needed.


    The thought that “every man will be his own physician” arrested my attention this week as well. I think it is fair to say, no one ever really likes going to the doctor or to the hospital so what a wonderful Truth – to know we can be our own physician acknowledging God as the universal answer to all our ills. It corresponds to what Mrs. Eddy writes on pages 462-463 in Science and Health. “Anatomy, when conceived of spiritually, is mental self-knowledge, and consists in the dissection of thoughts to discover their quality, quantity, and origin. Are thoughts divine or human? That is the important question. This branch of study is indispensable to the excision of error….” We can do our own mental anatomy and root out offending errors, before and even after they take form in some mesmeric belief called sin, disease, or death. God is the Great and Only Physician and we can trust Him to make us every whit whole!!


    I too paused at this awesome sentence “When the Science of being is universally understood, every man will be his own physician, and Truth will be the universal panacea.” As the reflections of God, the “Great and Only Physician” as stated above, then yes, we’ll reflect that too!
    It is understood by holistic health practitioners that fear and stress bring on dis-ease, and that these negative factors can be alleviated by a change in thought that will then be felt in the body. So Christian Science has had a profound effect on enlightened medicine quietly being practiced in the shadow of the medical-industrial complex, ironically itself the nation’s number one killer.
    This has made for what I have found to be many receptive listeners and hungry hearts for the Truth–the Laws of the Universe–as discovered by Mrs. Eddy in Christian Science. The Christ, Truth is usually the missing ingredient in even enlightened medical practices. I’m now always eager for the opportunity to bring up Jesus in relation to his teaching of the Laws of the Universe and how he healed all disease, and how we as God’s children can claim our divine, perfect health as spiritual reflections of the One God.
    As we claim the Truth for ourselves and those in our sphere of thought, this has a ripple effect, reaching out to the far places of the world…

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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