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first be reconciled

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    34—”WATCH that you be consistent in your handling of error, not overlooking an error in yourself, or claiming immunity from it, while you continue to hold it as real in another. In the habit of criticism, it is well to remember that that which does the criticizing is no more real or part of man than what is criticized.

    In Matthew 5:23 we read, “Therefore if thou bring thy gift to the altar, and there rememberest that thy brother hath ought against thee; . . . first be reconciled to thy brother, and then come and offer thy gift.”

    Once a rift appeared between a husband and wife. The latter was a student of Science, and she did her best to see her husband as God’s perfect child. The rift remained in spite of her good work. A verse came into her hands from a friend written by the author of these Watching Points:

    “I see myself as God’s own child, as perfect in His sight. I see my brother man as well, a perfect child of light.
    Then to complete my prayer, I see him seeing, me aright— I see him seeing me seeing him as perfect in Love’s sight.”

    Through this verse her eyes were opened to the fact that she was trying to see her husband perfect, while she was continuing to see him seeing her in a humanly mortal way. She was bringing her gift to the altar, thinking that her thought was right before God, while she was holding her husband as having ought against her. She then sought to see him seeing her as perfect, and harmony was restored between them.”
    500 Watching Points by Gilbert Carpenter Jr., C.S.B.

    Yesterday during our Roundtable the verse quoted above, found in this watch, was read by one of our practitioners. It was something I needed to hear so I thought perhaps someone else might need it too. I thought it was interesting that within the watch was one of our Bible lesson citations this week. I always struggled with the idea of how was I to be obedient to this directive from Jesus when reconciliation was not possible humanly at this point but I see now I must use this Science to correct my thinking about the situation and people involved.

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    Yes, that is what often is missed, we try to see others as perfect children of our Father, but we still think they see us as imperfect mortals, or worse maybe.

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