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"Fishers of Men"

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    Colleen Mostika

    I am so grateful for today’s Bible Study on “Fishers of Men.” Thank you, Tom!!
    I understand how imperative it is to obey God in all thought, word and deed. I understand that I must stay awake to the Truth. I am grateful that the idea of obedience was emphasized so much today. I learned today that Christ Jesus was knowing and living the Truth. I realize through our study today, that Jesus was not trying to do anything but was reflecting and expressing God’s will here on earth in all things. This is so helpful to me! I now understand that I do not need to try to do anything, In fact, that is not God’s will and is wrong. Instead I need to listen more fervently to God. Also, it was brought out that the abundance of fish was not more to be desired than the principle behind it. (No Principle – no fish.) The fish were really a symbol of God’s abundant care and supply for man. I can now see that some problems that I have not met are because of a wrong starting point. I must see and know already that God and his children are present here and now. Perfect!! Mesmerism doesn’t change or affect this Truth. I am also encouraged that Simon Peter felt that he was a sinner and not worthy of Christ Jesus’ presence. But, Jesus reassured him of his higher mission which was already planned out by God. Even though Simon saw himself as sinful, Christ Jesus didn’t see him that way. And he blessed him and all with a bounty of fish. So, I can require of myself to not try to be, but Be!! Thank you!



    Thank you! ” I too must listen more fervently to God!”

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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