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God is the only Cause

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    I think it is interesting that the subject of our lesson this week is “God the Only Cause and Creator” – we often think about Him being the only Creator but the concept of God being the only Cause is equally important. Think about all these definitions of the word “cause” from the 1828 Webster Dictionary –
    1. A suit or action in court; any legal process which a party institutes to obtain his demand, or by which he seeks his right or his supposed right.
    2. That which produces an effect; that which impels into existence, or by its agency or operation produces what did not before exist;
    3. The reason or motive that urges, moves, or impels the mind to act or decide.

    It is well to remember God is the Only Cause behind all of these definitions – we can pray and know God’s Cause and what is right and just by Him is all that can be expressed in the court room. We can also pray and know it is God that impels all actions and decisions and because He is the only Cause, the effect therefore must always be Good!



    In the responsive reading, David repeats the statement, “how excellent is thy name in all the earth.” It is common in the Bible for statements of profound truth to be repeated for emphasis. Here, the use of the word “name” also was used to mean “nature” in the original language. This puts a new light on the statement for me. To me, the statement means, “All the earth manifests the nature of God, and it’s all perfect.” This is why everything on earth is under God’s control. He is the laws that govern everything. There is no place on earth, and no circumstance anywhere, in which God is not present and in complete control. The only cause and creator.

    This is a wonderful promise, for it leaves nothing anywhere that cannot be healed by seeing God manifest and in control. The healing of sin, disease, and death, or weather or national strife, etc., is not a matter of changing a material condition, but, rather, a matter of seeing God’s perfection manifest already, and refusing to accept any other contrary, mortal picture. “Open thou mine eyes, that I may behold wondrous things out of thy law” is literally the key to all healing (Psalm 119: 18).

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