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    So especially grateful for this week’s healing testimony meeting, and Thursday’s (8-25) Unity Watch. The subject of gender was so helpfully addressed. It hadn’t even occurred to me that it was about identity, so I didn’t even know how to begin praying on the subject.


    I heard a few things about sex on the Roundtable, and just want to make a few comments. In my experience the craving for physical feelings can be connected to loneliness, sadness, having grown up without a mother and without love. When I was 25 years of age, I had a very strong need to love and be loved, and when I read about chastity in the chapter on marriage in Science and Health, I very much disagreed. Actually, since I was on a ship sailing to South America, I threw the book overboard. Now, about 52 years and four children later, I can appreciate better what Mrs. Eddy intended. I just heard it also on tv from a few retired catholic missionaries, they would have liked to marry and have a family. Chastity was not really their choice, after a few decades.
    Another thing I would like to mention is that although when I went through class instruction, I did not get to know God. I feel that this was the difference with pupils who went through class with Mary Baker Eddy, they came to really know God. Christian Science can be an awful lot of writing and reading. But the purpose of it all is this oneness with God.

    Pilar Deblinger

    I find amusing the world obsession with sex, physical beauty etc,. As I’m gotten older I have come to enjoy my solitude and oneness with God, what better companion, partner than God? It is sad the youth today are been bombarded in the media about “choices” they can make whether to call themselves male or female, undergoing medical procedures or hormonal therapy to change what God made. It is true some individuals are born with different inclinations in their nature, they should not be condemned but a young boy or girl, pray tell, how can they know what they want to be? Infusing the body with testosterone or estrogen hormones to make it either more feminine or masculine is playing “Russian roulette” with life. God must be shaking His head in heaven wondering if perhaps it was a bad idea to eliminate the dinosaurs and rather keep the human race on earth.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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