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Heavens and earth were finished

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    I found this excerpt from First Edition Science and Health by Mary Baker Eddy p. 242, that corresponds to this week’s lesson Bible citation #3.

    ” ‘Thus the heavens and earth were finished, and all the hosts of them.’ Here the Scripture repeats again the science of creation, namely, that all was complete and finished, therefore that nothing has since been made; that Intelligence embraced all from the forever, and that all is perfect, infinite and eternal.
    As matter-substance, all is lost, but as Principle and idea, all is eternal. Never a mineral, vegetable or animal, was formed of dust; Spirit alone fashions all things. Birth, decay and death, are a personal sense of things, not their idea; man and the universe are complete and eternal in Intelligence, and nothing can exist out of that.”

    The term ‘science of creation’ brought home to me that Principle is in control of all creation and it is a’personal sense of things’ which, explains the mist that went up from the Earth, that obscures our view from God’s complete perfect creation.


    This was discussed briefly in our Roundtable last week. The “mist” coming up from the earth is the materialism that clouds our vision. When we put faith in what we see with our eyes or hear with our ears, we “see” things upside down and backwards. We totally miss the spiritual reality of things. It is only through our spiritual sense that we can see anything clearly.

    I thank Mrs. Eddy for explaining that this is what the entire second chapter of Genesis is all about. A fantasy picture of creation seen through the mist of material belief. That is why she calls it a myth. None of it is true. And the result of such clouded vision is that women shall experience pain and sorrow in childbirth and men are doomed to till the ground until they die. All of this is untrue.

    The Bible section finishes with John’s explanation that God sent Jesus “that the world through him might be saved.” It occurred to me that this “saving” is the clearing of our vision so that we might see things as they really are – spiritual, healthy, painless, sinless, diseaseless, and deathless.

    Jesus would not have told us to “be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect” if it weren’t possible (and true).

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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