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How can I progress?

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    – How can I progress most rapidly in the understanding of Christian Science?
    Answer. – Study thoroughly the letter and imbibe the spirit. Adhere to the divine Principle of Christian Science and follow the behests of God, abiding steadfastly in wisdom, Truth and Love.” (S&H)
    I would often ask myself how could I make better progress in Christian Science? – and Mrs. Eddy, all the while, was giving me very clear and specific instructions. The questions I needed to ask myself were – “am I willing to spend the time involved to “thoroughly study the letter”? and then most importantly “am I willing to imbibe the spirit.”? The word “imbibe” means “to drink in; to absorb.” Science is not in any way superficial. It must be lived and as stated here, Truth must be adhered to and be steadfastly abided in! I am grateful for the teaching I have had at Plainfield. It places the things of God first and foremost in life so progress and a deeper understanding of Christian Science then becomes an everyday occurrence and reality. It can for anyone who desires it deeply enough – no exceptions!


    Thank you. I appreciate this topic. It wasn’t until I came to Plainfield and started to follow the teachings and example that I realized most of my reading was not being absorbed and therefore not lived-adhered so the spirit was not imbibed. As I slowly break the habits of intellectualizing this Science of Christ I am able to see progress that was not there. Step by step it is helping me place the things of God first. It was a huge shock when I first began to wake up to how far I was from living/abiding in Truth and Love.

    “….follow the behests of God….”

    BEHEST’, n. Command; precept; mandate.[Antiquated, except in poetry.](Webster”s 1928)

    Below from 500 Watching Points by Carpenter he writes,”The following statements by Mrs. Eddy illustrate this point. ‘It is good to be afflicted, to drink in the experience by which we are made meet for the Master’s crown. Love is in itself a purifier, and if we reach its glorious behests, we must be purified in the process.’ ‘The Christian Science student’s affection, fidelity and devotion are born in the furnace and blossom in wisdom won by experience. This is the price and reward of taking one’s treasure out of material vessels.’ ‘Oh! how good it is to experience, to learn the meanings of God by what we suffer.’ ‘It is good to be afflicted, when the results prove its uses.'”

    Below is part of a poem by Mary Baker Eddy title Come Thou. She put the lines below it the very first pages of her 1910 Science and Health:

    “Oh! Thou hast heard my prayer; And I am blest!

    This is Thy high behest: –

    Thou here, and everywhere.”

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