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human footsteps

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    “…the human footsteps leading to perfection are indispensable.” Since coming to Plainfield and beginning the process of learning how to demonstrate Christian Science this statement has meaning to me. The practical lessons help me build my relationship with God rather than just intellectually read about it. I can see why children so naturally take these footsteps because they are open, humble, forgiving, happy, willing to learn, persistent and why Jesus said we must become like them.

    I came across the line from Science and Health, “Every valley of sin must be exalted, and every mountain of selfishness be brought low, that the highway of our God may be prepared in Science.” This to me is active repentance and reformation. We are taught here continually to become unselfish. I am realizing that this is more that a bad trait that needs changing but a rule that must be lived to practice this Science.

    The exclusive of a person to his own interest or happiness; or that supreme self-love or self-preference, which leads a person in his actions to direct his purposes to the advancement of his own interest, power or happiness, without regarding the interest of others. Selfishness, in its worst or unqualified sense, is the very essence of human depravity, and it stands in direct opposition to benevolence, which is the essence of the divine character.
    (1828 Webster’s Dictionary)

    I am so grateful for all that is done at this church to help us break this dream of personality and be the individual of God’s creating.

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