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    “And God said unto Moses, I AM THAT I AM.” (Exodus) In the book, “Collected Writings” by Bicknell Young (for sale or download on our website), he wrote an article called “I Am That I Am” which helps explain what this powerful statement means and how we can apply it in our daily life. He states, “Every action, incident, movement, faculty, function, organ in the divine creation is an idea of God, and is constantly declaring, ‘I AM.’ Every idea must do this and cannot do otherwise. It does not know how and cannot know how to be unlike infinity, perfection, eternality.”!!


    I am really grateful for all that I am learning here about God. It has help me grow in my understanding in this powerful statement from our lesson, I AM THAT I AM. Before I could not feel what it was really saying to me. Now I see it is speaking of God as All in all. The early writers are very helpful in clarifying this statement which we are blessed to have access to. I found myself this week connecting this Bible statement to all I was reading and hearing about God. Strenghtening my affirmations. Below is from a recent article shared here that I have been using this week. It means to me that my purpose is not about making people happy, fixing others, worrying about relationships, rushing about solving problems, or trying to make things perfect. God governs His creation perfectly. I listen, follow His commands and let Him unfold His plan to me. I need to get out of the way.

    “Each one’s business, each one’s holy mission, is to see how abundantly he can express his own true individuality as a child of God; how certainly he can demonstrate this goodly heritage without interference or interruption; how faithfully he can resist false mental suggestion in order that in his daily life he shall reflect only Mind’s beautiful design and purpose.”
    Quietness by by Violet Ker Seyner


    Thank you for these wonderful posts! I find that contemplating “I AM THAT I AM” is about as close to God as I can get. I can feel the power of God in those reassuring words that help me to feel His presence. There is a lot to be said for quietness, the name of the above excerpt. Quietness will surely always help us to “resist false mental suggestion” in order that in our daily lives we “shall reflect only Mind’s beautiful design and purpose.” Thank you for sharing these quotes.

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