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“I can’t and I won’t. . .”

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    During this morning’s Roundtable discussion (10/24/21), Carol shared an experience when she was sitting one day with Mrs. Evan’s mother, Alice, who was ill in bed. Alice was repeating over and over, “I don’t know what to do.” Carol stated to her affirmatively, “You DO know what to do,” to which Alice sat up and repeated emphatically, “I DON’T know what to do!”

    This afternoon, I was listening to Bruce’s reading of Ralph B. Spencer’s book, The Overwhelming Evidence Concerning Spiritual Healings Through Mary Baker Eddy. The 15th healing listed under the heading, “Recorded Healings by Mary Baker Eddy,” gives the account of a little girl who could not talk. Her reaction to Mrs. Eddy was very similar to Alice’s response to Carol: “Mrs. Mosher went to the office where Mrs. Eddy and a student were at work, and saw there a girl who was afflicted with dumbness, whom a student had not been able to heal. At last the student asked Mrs. Eddy to help. Mrs. Mosher was present when Mrs. Eddy walked up to the dumb girl and said, ‘God did not send this upon you. You can speak. In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, I command you to speak.’ The girl shrank back, crying out, ‘I can’t and I won’t and fled out of the room. But she was able to speak, ever after” (emphasis added).

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