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    IDOL (Webster’s 1828)
    1. An image, form or representation, usually of a man or other animal, consecrated as an object of worship;

    2. A person loved and honored to adoration.

    3. Any thing on which we set our affections;

    This week’s lesson citiations on idolatry inspired me to think about what am I consecrated to. I realized a continual focus on my personal self is a form of idol worship. We can be tempted to devote a lot of time thinking of ourselves and society encourages it. I was suddenly aware of how many of my thoughts when unchecked lead back to me- will, worries, ego, pride, over sensitiveness, etc. Even if it seems I am reacting to my environment it still boils down to how I filter these thoughts. I am grateful for all I am learning here that truly helps me think out from God, to be unselfed and gaining an understanding of my individuality as created by God.

    Self (excerpts from Webster’s 1828)

    1. …the individual subject to his own contemplation…

    2. It also signifies personal interest, or love of private interest; selfishness.

    “It is better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in man.” Psalm 118:8

    “Sacrifice self to bless one another, even as God has blessed you. Forget self in laboring for mankind; then will you woo the weary wanderer to your door, win the pilgrim and stranger to your church, and find access to the heart of humanity. ” MARY BAKER EDDY Misc. p. 155

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    I understand now that humility is an imperative quality for all who live this Science, it is to acknowledge our oneness with God. We are not separate nor can we do anything on our own. And we certainly cannot heal without humility. This is where the First Commandment, if obeyed handles the thought of idols. There is NONE BESIDE ME, NOTHING OF ANY KIND. This I find very helpful when material sense testimony tries its assertion of false beliefs. THERE IS ONLY GOD!!


    Thank you Florence. Both your points on humility and God’s allness were helpful. This was a reminder for me to watch negative thoughts by obeying the First Commandment and humility puts the focus on God where it should be. (antidote to self centered thinking). Your comment today during Bible Study about humility being a form of repentance also resonated with me.

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