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Imbibe the spirit of the book

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Announcements Forums Christian Science – June 25th, 2017 Imbibe the spirit of the book

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    The publishing of Science and Health was met with much opposition. Some of the arguments were that no one would understand it or would want to read it. This was nothing more that the assessment of intellectuality which nitpicks over words and does not grasp the spirit. This book has done immense good for healing, correcting, guiding, uplifting thought to God and much more to benefit the race. And the book still does, and always will, because it is the Word of God which speaks to the heart. The great need of mankind is to get the spirit in this book. The Bible states that “God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son.”, I feel we can say today that God so loved all of mankind that He gave His final revelation of Truth through His humble and obedient servant. No human pen wrote Science and Health. The recognition and appreciation for the divine is needed to get the message in this book. It is hard for me to imagine that a more sacred event ever occurred in the history of humanity since the time of Jesus Christ than when Mary Baker Eddy sat alone with her Maker, received the revelation and put pen to paper, and today we have Science and Health.


    Thank you! It is impossible that a loving Father-Mother would give such a saving Truth to only those who can read the letter of it and use their human intellect with it. That is why the Spirit of the word is even more important; and this is proven when its simple Truths given to a humble heart who treasures and loves them, is blessed repeatedly with healing and comfort.

    SH 144 It is a question to-day, whether the ancient inspired healers understood the Science of Christian healing, or whether they caught its sweet tones, as the natural musician catches the tones of harmony, without being able to explain them. So divinely imbued were they with the spirit of Science, that the lack of the letter could not hinder their work; and that letter, without the spirit, would have made void their practice. (Emphasis added) This is more encouragement to gain the spirit of the word.

    When we can study the letter and imbibe the spirit, we have the solemn responsibility to spread this Holy Gospel as far as God directs. Humbly we are taking that responsibility to heart. The Spirit of Truth is working in every sincere heart; a beautiful example is the Shunammite woman who refused what called itself death and persevered till Elisha raised her son. A natural Christian Scientist is that example!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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