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Immortal, not mortal

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    Mrs. Eddy says in Watches, Prayers, Arguments, “How unspeakably blessed is the deliverance from the fiction of error that has deceived mortals.”

    Recently I was speaking with a practitioner on a family situation, and the practitioner pointed out to me that I was allowing human will to enter. I was grateful it was pointed out, and I started praying about human will. I realized that it is so easy for me to fall for this fiction, or lie. I thought I was leading my family in the right direction, but it was what I wanted, with no God in it. I needed to let go and pray for God’s will to be done; and, if what I wanted was God’s will, great, and if it not, He had something better.
    I found in Watches, Prayers, Arguments the statement “I (You) have no human will. God’s will is all, and I am (you are) its reflection.”

    I know God’s plan is better than I could ever imagine. I am grateful for the love of the practitioner for pointing out this erroneous thinking. This is being delivered from the fiction of error and bringing my thought back to God. I am immortal—not a mortal—and living the glorious life of an immortal.

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