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Jacob's Prayer

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    Thank you Lesson writer for this reminder of how Jacob’s wrestling is an example for us all. Every time I read this story I remember my own desperate moments when alone, with deep humility I have had to turn completely to God for His help for me to see the unreality of a claim!! I am so grateful that without fail the light of Truth has always come through to my aid. This proves God is always at hand to bless!!


    Yes! And it is worth noting that, although Jacob was tempted to stop wrestling, he refused to do so until he was blessed by the experience. Mrs. Evans taught us to “demand the blessing” from every experience. No matter how tough or painful the experience may be, there is always a blessing in it, and we should always demand to be blessed by every experience we have. This is consistent with having a positive expectancy, whether we are in prison, in sickness, or in a bad relationship, we can and should demand the blessing from our wrestling, and not stop wrestling until we are blessed.


    Thank you for these posts.

    When I first heard the phrase “demand the blessing,” it felt like a brazen thing to do. Yet now, after learning more about Christian Science, I see how it is a natural part of living in obedience to God. His goodness permeates all creation; permeates me! So…why would I have to demand it? Because the human mind is constantly claiming I don’t deserve good, or that there is no good to be had. If I am awake, however, it is plain to see all the good and all the blessings that God is imparting.

    I am grateful to this church, and Christian Science, because, like Jacob, I would have continued to “demand the blessing” from people, instead of God. How much good can a human father’s blessing give us, whether we gain it honestly or through trickery? Only our Father’s blessing counts! Only that brings healing, gives purpose, and makes “the day breaketh.”

    Thank you, Plainfield, for teaching me where to look for good and for blessings, and to keep wrestling until I gain it.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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