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Liberating power of God

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    In Science and Health it says “The power of God brings deliverance to the captive. No power can withstand divine love.” This is such a strong truth. If one’s efforts are based on divine love, they have the power of God.
    When reading our lesson, I couldn’t help thinking of the golden rule, how simple, yet profound. How many problems could easily be resolved if one would ask if they would like what they impose on another. So much of enslaving prejudice would never get started. And how much more one would assert their rights based on divine love. This would wipe out the idea of a villain as well as the idea of a victim. Neither one is the picture of man or woman made in God’s image.


    You just cannot be held in slavery (mental or otherwise) if you know who you are as the likeness of God. This is the answer to every form of slavery — whether it is called Islam, mesmerism, wife-beating, sex slavery, or the repression of freedom in any way. The more obvious forms of slavery are coming to the surface and seen in all their ugliness. But the more subtle forms of mental slavery are still rampant; and their only freedom is found in knowing God and one’s self as His likeness. Horace Greeley is quoted as having said “It is impossible to enslave, mentally or socially, a bible-reading people. The principles of the bible are the groundwork of human freedom.”

    Those who want to enslave us will start by taking the Bible out of our schools, or by making it a crime to read it.


    Just as no one can tell me 2+2 =5 because I know/understand that 2+2=4, no one can convince me that I am not a child of God(free), because I understand the Truth better now. Error tries to convince us wrongly, hence our striving to throw off its lies. This is why I feel that God’s Truth revealed through Mrs. Eddy, as the message Science and Health teaches, when correctly understood, has to be the best liberating message to mankind. This must be why she only used the inspired sections of the Bible; since certain parts of the Bible, literally understood or misunderstood, could suggest that certain people are not as close to God. SH tells us God is everywhere, the Christ is inherent in everyone; one creator, one creation! What has been done to this TRUTH through false education is the big challenge.Freedom is our birthright!!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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Love is the liberator.