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Life with a purpose

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Announcements Forums Life – January 17th, 2016 Life with a purpose

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    There is nothing more satisfying than to realize that we are here for a purpose. This purpose lies far beyond just having breath and a pulse and thinking that this alone is living. Recognizing that we have a God given purpose helps to release the selfish inclinations and open the way to let the divine energies take over and move us. Who wouldn’t want to feel the divine presence animating them? This is living.


    Amen! I don’t think I ever thought of “purpose” before coming to Plainfield and hearing testimonies about purpose.

    I think I thought that Christian Science was all about making my life easier. Boy was I wrong. Knowing my purpose now–to do God’s will (obedience), to express Him, to bless others–keeps me busy and pressing on! No time to brood, ruminate or drown in selfish pursuits. And life is so much better-it’s glorious!


    As the textbook explains, God needs us to express “Itself.” The relation is like the sun and sunlight.


    These ideas on purpose seem to fit in with a gradually growing desire of mine to be a blessing, even a healing influence in the world. In thinking about right motives this morning, I was reminded of Mrs. Eddy’s words in Science and Health, “Consecration to good does not lessen man’s dependence on God, but heightens it.” Helpful to remember when I start stumbling around a bit in my efforts. I too long thought Christian Science was about making my human experience better.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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