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Lord"s Prayer

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    I am grateful to have the Lord’s Prayer as part of our lesson this week. It has given me a chance to take yo heart the meaning more carefully. I came across this statement I found in the book Clear and Correct Teaching by HERBERT W. EUSTACE.

    “The Lord’s Prayer is not a petition. It is a declaration of the oneness of Mind and its idea. ‘Only as we rise above all material sensuousness and sin, can we reach the heaven-born aspiration and spiritual consciousness, which is indicated in the Lord’s Prayer and which instantaneously heals the sick.’ S & H p. 16 To think of prayer as a form of petition is to destroy its efficacy. Supplication, instead of inspiring assurance, encourages an attitude of blind faith. True prayer is the realization that that which is is all that is. Thus it inspires confidence and power.”

    Before coming to Plainfield I did not realize how much of my praying was more of an attitude of blind faith. Since being here I catch myself now when I am drifting into just repeating words as Jesus says “vain repetitions”. I am very grateful for being corrected and taught the true sense of prayer.


    I found this in my early article search this week. I found other sources who have also published this poem attributed to Kings James I.

    The Lord’s Prayer
    From the November 16, 1899 issue of the Christian Science Sentinel

    [The following poem is said to have been written by King James I.]

    If any be distressed and fain would gather
    Some comfort, let him haste unto
    Our father,
    For we of hope and help are quite bereaved
    Except Thou succor us
    Who art in Heaven.
    Thou showest mercy; therefore for the same
    We praise Thee, singing,
    Hallowed be Thy name.
    Of all our miseries cast up the sum;
    Show us Thy joys, and let
    Thy kingdom come.
    We mortal are and alter from our birth;
    Thy name be blessed here,
    Thy will be done earth.
    Thou mad’st the earth as well as planets seven,
    Thy name be blessed here
    As ’tis in heaven.
    Nothing we have to us, our debts to pay,
    Except Thou give it us.
    Give us this day,
    Wherewith to clothe us, wherewith to be fed,
    For without Thee we want
    Our daily bread.
    We want, but want no faults, for no day passes
    But we do sin—
    Forgive us our trespasses.
    No man from sinning ever free did live,
    Forgive us, Lord, our sins
    As we forgive.
    If we repent our faults Thou ne’er disdain’st us;
    We pardon them
    That trespass against us;
    Forgive us that is past, a new path tread us,
    Direct us always in Thy faith,
    And lead us—
    We, Thine own people and thy chosen nation,
    Into all truth, but
    Not into temptation.
    Thou that of all good graces art the giver,
    Suffer us not to wander,
    But deliver
    Us from the fierce assaults of world, and devil,
    And flesh, so shalt Thou free us
    From all evil.
    To these petitions let both church and laymen,
    With one consent of heart and voice, say


    Very nourishing. Thank you.

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