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Man of Sod vs. Man of God

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    This week’s lesson reminds me of Numbers, chapter 14, the 2 different kinds of men who spied out the promised land, and the 2 contradictory reports they gave concerning it.

    The 10 who gave an evil report represent the man of sense, or “man of sin”. They were so overwhelmed by sense-testimony that they forgot who they really were. To them it was as though the Exodus from the land of bondage never happened: they simply cancelled the story from their minds.

    Of the 12 spies, only 2 remembered who they were. 10 men saw themselves as grasshoppers and their enemies as “giants in the land.” Only 2 saw themselves as giants and their enemies as grasshoppers.

    The 2 reports are as far apart from one another as the 2 creation stories of Genesis chapters 1 and 2.

    The testimony of the 10 much parallels the evil report in the 2nd chapter of Genesis concerning the creation of man. Genesis 2 completely cancels what came before it, and reads as though the 1st chapter never happened.

    In any trial, error’s main aim is to make me forget who I truly am. When a problem arises in my life, am I judging it as a giant or a grasshopper?

    God grant that I follow Joshua and Caleb, who rode so boldly, eagerly, and valiantly the mighty, unstoppable wave of Omnipotence that swept away all things unlike itself as it swept them into the promised land.

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