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Mark Ruble, CSB

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    In Sunday’s Roundtable discussion I was touched to hear of the passing of Mark Ruble, CSB, who I had not heard of before. The reading of the healing at the end of the roundtable was beyond inspiring. I went onto Mr. Ruble’s website and was taken with all the work he has done for the Cause, especially in Africa. Thank you for letting us know about this fine worker.

    Here is the link to his bio: https://www.rublecsb.us/bio

    Kenric Ward

    Thank you, Susanne, for the information about Mark Ruble. He was, and remains, a dedicated, courageous practitioner/teacher of Christian Science.

    Pilar Deblinger

    Thank you for sharing the information, I had a few conversations with him a few years ago, he was a wonderful Christian Scientist, his work and support of the African Christian Scientists was praiseworthy.


    Thank you for the tribute to Mark Ruble. It brought attention to his work. I met him in 2010 and he was my Christian Science “Teacher,” the one I had searched all of my years to know. He traveled to wherever there was an interest in Christian Science practice. He loved Africa and spread the practice of Christian Science in Zambia and Zimbabwe, his real loves. He also traveled to Europe and Asia in response to calls from Christian Scientists to come and speak. Yes, he was called upon by people he knew, holding positions in governments in different parts of the world, to pray. Wherever he went, he spread the seed of Truth and nurtured the seed until it bore fruit. When he read at the Church I attended, before the Mother Church excommunicated him, every word read, uplifted thought to bring the Kingdom of Heaven to bear in all of our hearts because no word was spoken without it being encased with love for God, Christ Jesus, Mrs. Eddy, the congregation and the world. He was persecuted by the Church he loved, but refused to hold any thought but love towards them. I admired him, respected him as a man, who was true to God and the work he was sent to do. He lives in my heart and his work will continue.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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