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Master Of Chords

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    S&H 304:22,25 The science of music governs tones. To be master of chords and discords, the science of music must be understood.

    I am so grateful to God for the wonderful music offered at Plainfield during our church services, and the scientific mastery and understanding presented by the musicians.

    One of my earliest recollections was when I was a small child sitting in the congregation of the United Church of Canada… listening in awe and delight to the adults when hymns were sung. The whole congregation would always break into part-harmony. And this also occurred in the other church denominations that occasionally I visited in the town.

    It’s rare these days, even in the Christian Science branch churches, to find part-harmony sung. (I, myself, don’t know how to do it.) On a few isolated instances, when I did hear it in the branch church, I would wonder over and sit close to the singers so that I could hear it. I greatly yearned to hear cord-harmony more often, but it seemed to be a disappearing talent among the general populace everywhere, and I missed it so. That yearning has been answered in the Plainfield Church’s hymns sung in amazing part harmony. Not only are traditional chords sung, but new interpretations of chords are given… the likes of which I never knew before… and I can hardly wait to hear them each service.

    These new chords teach me how I must be open to demonstrate new chords/ways/paths of harmony … and not just stick to the old tried-and-true ones, but to step/venture out bravely onto new, fresh, spiritual waters/thoughts. To listen to God’s chords/direction and follow, wherever He may lead me.

    Hymn #31 written by Mary Baker Eddy states, “Brood o’er us with Thy sheltering wing, ‘Neath which our spirits blend [chord] Like brother birds, that soar and sing. And on the same branch blend.”

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