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Matter A Belief Only

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    SH 321 ……..When, led by wisdom to cast down his rod, he saw it become a serpent, Moses fled before it; but wisdom bade him come back and handle the serpent, and then Moses’ fear departed. In this incident was seen the actuality of Science. Matter was shown to be a belief only.

    It took me some time to become consistent in thinking of myself as a spiritual being not a matter lump! What was helpful was the trials that came which strengthened my resolve to claim my spiritual birthright!

    Peter V. Ross refers to what we do to ourselves in his article: The Inner Man Of Spirit. He says that it is a question of self-appraisal; resulting in renunciation of one’s birthright or claiming one’s spirituality and rejecting any notion that man is a “lump of clay.”

    I see how pressing this self-appraisal is, especially in difficult times when error appears to hold sway. In such times Isaiah 45’s repetition of the one God is a helpful assurance of our oneness with the infinite, eternal, divine and supreme God, Spirit.


    When having a matter complaint, I claim what Mrs. Eddy explains, “Nothing inharmonious can enter being. For Life is God.” This helps me dispel the seeming difficulty and stay with God, the truth of my spiritual being.


    Thank you both! …” In Him we live and move and have our being!”


    I always longed and prayed for this oneness with the divine Mind, but without really achieving to give up my human mind, my human sense of self, and it does not work very well. Just denying matter does not much good either. I found that I have to realize that the divine Consciousness is All, my body, the forest, the clear mountain river, all that is good and true. I have to share God´s Self-awareness. There is nothing else. The divine “us.”

    Mind´s awareness of itself is reality, eternity. It does not include the hectic confusion of this world or the human, mortal, and illusive mind.

    I want to thank Carol again for reading Martha Wilcox´ articles on body. Reading and listening along does me much good.


    Thank you for these posts. In regard to this, I love what Bicknell Young says in his article, “If We Say, ‘I Want'” – “Someone said, ‘It seems to me, the claim constantly is, that we cannot see Spirit.'” The answer was, ‘My dear, you cannot see anything else, but Spirit; it would be impossible to, even if you tried.'” This is what is meant by the “Scientific Statement of Being” by Mrs. Eddy (which took me so long to even begin to comprehend!) – “All is infinite Mind and its infinite manifestation, for God is All-in-all.” There is nothing else! And yet this Truth of all Truths cannot be taken lightly or superficially. It is very deep and requires effort and work, childlike trust, and utmost dedication to understand even in a degree the sublime perfection and beauty of it all.


    Jesus told the woman who was healed, “thy faith hath made thee whole.” Several places in the Bible Jesus is quoted as telling people that their faith is what has healed them. Interesting how in last week’s lesson, the theme was that faith in God, Spirit, is substance. Matter is not substance. This is a tough one for most people to wrap their head around. I know it was for me. Matter is always “in your face” appearing to be substance, yet over and over again, Jesus instructed us that it is faith that makes us whole; it is the Spirit that quickeneth, the flesh profiteth nothing.

    And now, with Christian Science, we have the explanation of the truth, that “All is infinite Mind and its infinite manifestation, for God is All-in-all.” We are the manifestation of infinite Mind. Matter is not a factor in that reality. This is the truth that heals. Knowing this, is the dominion that is promised in Genesis 1. To understand this truth is the greatest thing in the world, and is certainly worth striving for.


    If I am entertaining a material compliant, my favorite statement to use from Watches Prayers Arguments by Mary Baker Eddy; “Do not say, ‘This is my error or my pain.’ Say ‘This is an attack against my Christ.’” It brings the peace and love of God back into my experience because it was only a belief, not the truth.

    Thank God and Mrs. Eddy


    How so important to catch evils tricks in “the first instance,” as unreal, no matter what form or degree of severity.

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