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matter from Spirit, or truth from chaos?

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Announcements Forums Mortals and Immortals – May 14th, 2017 matter from Spirit, or truth from chaos?

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    Does God create a material man out of Himself, Spirit?

    I’ve contemplated this basic question a lot, as my previous beliefs had me quite confused about this point. I remember as a child imagining God going through the universe with a bag of atoms, taking some out here to make a star and some there to make a planet. How else but with such a childish thought can we rectify God with the human idea of materiality?

    Since coming into Christian Science, I now can see two flaws with that idea:

    • The first is that there was a need for that “bag of atoms.” The substance God builds from is Spirit, and not matter.
    • The second is that God does not wander about in the universe. He is the system within which our universe, our world, and our consciousness “live and move and have our being;” He is not some powerful being affecting it from within. He is Truth, Life, Love, Spirit, Soul, Mind, Principle, and all goodness, substance, and reality.

    This understanding shows me how absurd it is to think that a dense ball of matter exploded and then billions of years of accidents and false starts and evolution led to the universe, the Earth, and mankind. We teach small children that two wrongs don’t make a right, and then later on school teaches them that trillions and trillions of wrongs eventually make up all that is right and good. Insanity!

    I am so grateful for this Science, and how it shows us the true nature of reality. Materiality could no more evolve to create God than could God make materiality or mortal man. The human belief that says chaos eventually creates truth never felt right, because this just isn’t right. Christian Science, however, has felt right from the first day I arrived here nearly four years ago, and continues to make sense. I thank God for that every day!

    Thank you for this lesson.


    I love how Christian Science indeed feels right. It truly is the Comforter. I believe it was Mrs. Evans who pointed out to her students that “C.S.” also stands for “Common Sense”! I liked that because as ideas reflecting the one Mind, we all have that in common, and it all makes sense. I have not found any answers in old theology or material science in attempting to explain the greater questions of the Universe. Christian Science, aka Jesus’ teachings, or the Laws of the Universe, explains these laws and how to demonstrate the Truth of Being. What more could one want?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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